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    What are the advantages of the new Quadro 4000 over the GTX 480 for Photoshop?

    Plum Parlor

      I am a photoshop user trying to decide between the new Quadro 4000 and the GTX 480. 
      We are building a machine around an i7 970 processor with 12GB ram.
      I've read here and other places that the GTX specs generally out do the Quadro card. 
      But I also have read that there can be disadvantages to using a gamer card for editing graphics.
      I am trying to understand why the Quadro card is suggested for photoshop users by Nvidia.  Why do they have this line of card?
      I do notice the Quadro card has two of the newer Display Ports.

      I want to make sure I can:
      Run two monitors each with its own, separate, ICC profile.
      Maintain a 10 bit color workflow

      Can I do these things with with either card?  If I go for the GTX card, how gamer-centric is the driver software versus the driver software that comes with the Quadro 4000?


      Thank you,

      Plum Parlor