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    7-day digital edition -- notes? highlights?


      The seven day rental option really was great for me, as I coudn't afford the book. But once I got it downloaded and started reading, I realized (unless I'm missing something) that there's no way to annotate or extract short pieces to be used as quotations.


      Is there really no way to do this?


      Any suggestions much appreciated, especially as the documentation is so inadequate.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          For the annontation options to work in ADE you must have added the book to your library, then you just need to select text and click on the 'Create Bookmark' button (just to the right of the print button in the top toolbar).  For copying select the text and select copy from the reading menu.  However you should also select 'Item Info' from the reading menu to see if copying the text is allowed (it may not be).