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    Batch processing of text to pdf

    Anil Talluri

      Hi All,


      I've been trying to have batch procesing to convert the text to pdf. The methods that I've used are:


      1. I've printed manually (It is successful though it is for less no of documents).
      2. I've right clicked the mouse where it will show "Convert to Adobe PDF" (but got struck while doing this, as it is batch file processing ).
      3. I've used bat file but no use as it is showing the Error Prompt message.
      4. I've gone through Command Prompt which I dont know at all.
      5. I've gone through Edit --> Preferences changed the option and opened the menu Advanced --> Document Processing --> Print all then hit the Run Sequence. (Everything is cool but got path in the header...)
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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can do this easily with a batch sequence. Just create a new one and select an innocuous command such as "Open Options" and leave them all as is. Set it up so that it prompts you to select the files when run and prompts you where to place the output files. When you run the sequence, just select your text files and specify where you want the PDFs to be placed. Once you get that running, you can modify to suit your needs.