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    Flash Builder - Building Workspace loop




      I have a project setup like this:


      Main project:


      --- ModuleA (optimized for ShellApp)

      --- ModuleB (optimized for ShellApp)

      Library projects:
      --- Core Library (as RSL)
      --- ModuleALibrary
      -------- CoreLibrary (external)
      --- ModuleBLibrary
      -------- CoreLibrary (external)
      -------- ModuleALibrary (external)
      I have multiple modules in the main project and these modules have their own library. I created like this because ModuleBLibrary needs to access components in ModuleALibrary.
      My issue is, when I add ModuleA or ModuleB to the project, Flash Builders keeps building the workspace and never stops. I could create a separate project for each module, but I would like to use the optimized modules feature.
      Any ideas how this project setup could be or about the issue on building workspace?
      Thanks in advance