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    Study materials for Adobe LiveCycle Core ACE

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      Hi All,


      Know it is not a strictly Workbench question, but no category really fits


      Adobe has recently developed an Adobe LiveCycle Core ACE exam



      Thats very exciting and I now want to practice for it and take it. When I read the suggestions for study materials I dont find much help, so I want to hear from others what resources they have used og plan to use? Bring on your clever ideas so we all can improve our skills!



      /Thomas Groenbaek

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          Hi Thomas,


          Good question.  We are working on putting together a document that will identify different learning vehicles to help meet the different objective areas for the exam.  Goal is within the next week to have something ready .... it would be a living document as learning content is always popping up ... docs, whitepapers, demos, training, etc.


          In the future, as Adobe releases more Enterprise certification exams this kind of learning map will be available when the exam is announced.


          It will be posted to the Adobe site but I will be sure to post here this one time in specific response to your question in the event that the publishing process would cause delays.