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    Fill two datagrids by two methods of a webservice




      the examples of how to get a DataGrid filled with data  retrieved from a webservice always show a track-and-drop of the web  method (from the Data/Service window) into the DataGrid in your  application. The result is that the data delivered back are bound with  'lastResult'. That's fine as long as you only have one DataGrid to fill,  but what if you have two?


      I have two ore more DataGrids in my application, all of them do request on a database via a webservice and have there own method in the webservice to do so.


      Can you explain to me how to use  'result' instead of 'lastResult' so that I'm independent from  'lastResult' which leaves me always with an empty DataGrid in case I  have two in my application.


      The whole thing should happen in FLEX 4. Is it so easy that nobody reply?


      Thx, Tom