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    Workflow Issues with Symbol Scripts


      Hi Fireworks Team,


      we encountered a few issues while working with custom symbol scripts. Maybe there are workarounds!?


      1. If you update a symbol in your document library, the custom property values are delete (e.g. opacity, textChar etc)
      2.If you have text inside a symbol, and you scale the symbol on the stage, your text field is scaled down proportional, so that the text starts to wrap too early in certain cases. If you scale the text field inside the symbol while editing the symbol, the text becomes slightly distorted.
      3. In the "Symbol Properties" panel you can't cop yand paste values inbetween symbols. it either copies the whole symbol on stage or it pastes the value (e.g. text string) onto the stage.
      4. you can't put a @ into a symbol property, could you extend the charset for symbol props. Either all chars are possible, or none...
      5. If you update a symbol and its script, existing symbols on stage don't have the script properties. You have to delete the symbol out of the document library and use the new one from the common library.
      6. When dragging symbols out of the common library onto the stage they are added to the document library, so far so good. But if you add the same symbol again after the prompt to replace or not, you randomly have the symbol twice in your document library. e.g. one as symbol(imported) the other just as symbol. How can you ensure that all symbols in the document lib are "imported" and how can you ensure that symbols arent twice or more often in the document library. (we arent editing the symbols in the document, just using them...)


      I hope this is the right place to ask these questions, under bugs.adobe.com you cant

      file bugs for CS products unfortunately.