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    What's this Help

      I am switching my appl in VC++ 2005 from winhelp to chm. winhelp works fine with .hlp file. Now, with html, context sensitive (F1) works fine, but What's this help doesn't work. In my CMainFrame class, he is my code tha takes care of that.
      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      void CMainFrame::WinHelp(DWORD dwData, UINT nCmd)
      DWORD myarray[]={
      ID1, IDH_1, ...and so on};

      ::HtmlHelp(m_hWnd,AfxGetApp()->m_pszHelpFilePath, HH_HELP_CONTEXT,dwData); // this works fine
      CPoint CurPos;
      CWnd *pWnd=WindowFromPoint(CurPos);
      //Find the window under cursor

      if(pWnd !=NULL){
      CSHContextHelp(pWnd->GetParent()->m_hWnd,pWnd->m_hWnd,0); // works fine for win help, Don't for Html

      //::HtmlHelp(pWnd->m_hWnd,".chm::/.TXT",HH_TP_HELP_WM_HELP,(DWORD) (LPVOID) array);

      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////
      Q1) for the Ids I use in the array, they work fine, but how can I use the Html call without calling the array, as I thought Robo help does the mapping and spits out chm file which is the only thing I need I think. Besides, I can't map 4000 Ids in my application, how do I get to make the what's this help Ids to work without any manual mapping? What do I pass for that call, or what do I pass instead of the array ?

      Q2) When I click on ? in dialogs, nothing happens, if I switch back to winhelp, it works fine using CSHContextHelp call above, I am hoping this comes alive if I get any of this to work. For the ? handling, I don't do any, I just return TRUE for BOOL ONHELPINFO function in the dialogs, and it works fine for winhelp but not for html..........
      I appreciate your feedback and comments.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi. It would be useful to everyone if you did not duplicate topics on multiple forums. That said, this forum is mainly used by Technical Authors who would have little or no knowledge of VC++ code. That said, I am often surprised at the depth of participants knowledge. If you don't get an answer you may be best placed to look on the developers forum.
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            Sorry, I didn't realize it was on two threads. I could delete it if I could. Having said that, could you give me a link to where the developers forum is. I was trying to find some help on the issue I am having on the adobe site, I couldn't get anywhere with that.
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              No problem. We all live and learn. I've added a link between the posts so you don't have to delete it. Try posting your query here. This is not a pure RoboHelp forum so you'll have to give a bit more detail but at least it is frequented by likeminded people. Best of luck.