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    UI components and security sandbox

    David Mok Level 1
      I have run into this situation quite a few times now.

      A test.swf movie is loaded in to a project exe. test.swf
      itself loads external contents.

      When the contents are shown in a dynamic TextField, it works
      without a glitch.

      However, when the contents are shown in a TextArea, an error
      message is thrown during test run inside Flash 8.

      "SecurityDomain ' http://localhost..../test.swf' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///C|/..../myContainer.exe"

      The same message is also triggered when I click on other
      UI components in the movie test.swf.

      The program still works. System.security.allowDomain has
      been added within myContainer.exe (or otherwise my program
      won't work.)

      So, here is my question: is there something special about
      these UI components?