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    How do I pass datagrid elements from a component to a function ?

    majester8425 Level 1

      I have a datagrid which I scroll through the data provider for and dynamically build XML. The code below works great, but now I am faced with having 18 data grids that I have to process in the same way. Its easy just to copy the code 18 times and just change the elements I want, but that seems stupid. I am still learning this stuff, so excuse my stupidity.


      for (i = 0; i < distComp.distGrid.dataProvider.length; i++)


      F = distComp.distGrid.dataProvider.getItemAt(i).dbsf_id;

            dynamicXML = <ELEMENT/>;

            dynamicXML.DISTRIB = F;




      What I am hoping to do is have a function that I can call which does the processing


      Something like


      processXmlValues(dataGridDataProvderPlaceholder, elementName:String):void


      F = dataGridDataProvderPlaceholder.getItemAt(i).dbsf_id;




      I tried using ArrayCollection for dataGridDataProvderPlaceholder, but that just gives me an unrelated type error.