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    can't find the .fxp file..

    mfu74a Level 1

      I dont know what I am doing wrong. I cant even seem to import the exercise files as specified in the instructions. I understand the files are zip archives. even after unzipping the archive I cant find a .fxp type file.


      What am I doing wrong? I just want to get started on the exercises.



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          What exercise are you trying to do? The first one? Are you using the zip archive that contains the project for the full day or are you using the student files associated with the specific exercise? The .fxp file should be inside the zip, but if you dont have file extensions viewable on your computer you won't be able to see the .fxp part of the student file, only the title.

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            mfu74a Level 1

            I was trying to do the first exercise. The archive was called 

            "FiaW_Day1_ProjectArchive" The file unzips and shows folders for each days

            exercise including a completed set of exercises.  But I cannot find a .fxp file.

            There is a ."fxpProperties" file. However Flex builder does not seem to be

            looking for this file.

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              FlexualHealing Level 1

              So the problem you are having is that you are using the full day 1 project archive instead of the solution file that is provided with the first exercise. If you download the solution file that is linked to in the exercise, you will see that there is an .fxp file in the zip. The exercises were written to use the files for that specific exercise, which is what is creating your problem. By downloading the FiaW_Day1_ProjectArchive zip, what you have actually done is download a workspace that contains all of the starter/solution files for the Day 1 exercises. Downloading the workspace means that there will not be any .fxp files because the workspace simply contains the project folders, where as an .fxp file refers to an individual project that has been exported from a workspace.


              If you want to use the FiaW_Day1_ProjectArchive you will need to unzip it ( which you already did ) and then, in Flash Builder, select File > Switch Workspace > Other. Then, in the Switch Workspace dialog, click the Browse button and browse to the unzipped FiaW_Day1_ProjectArchive folder, select it and then click OK. Make sure the correct Workspace path is reflected in the Switch Workpsace dialog ( should be something like /users/desktop/FiaW_Day1_ProjectArchive ) and then click OK. You should see Flash Builder close and then reopen and be able to see the Day 1 starter/solution projects listed in the Package Explorer view of Flash Builder. From there, whenever you do an exercise and it asks you to download and import the starter.fxp file, what you will want to do is just look for that project in the Package Explorer. When you move on to day 2 you will have to do the same thing to set your workspace to the FiaW_Day2_ProjectArchive.


              Another tip,


                 If you happen to load a workspace into Flash Builder and dont see any projects, but you know they are listed in the FiaW_DayX_ProjectArchive folder, you can select File > Import > Other and then from the General folder select Existing Projects into Workspace and click Finish. Doing this will load any projects present in that workspace into Flash Builder.

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                jjm16 Level 1

                Yes, this tutorial is very confusing to myself and a couple peers attempting it on macs.


                You should FIRST move your zip file to its desired folder and set your workspace to the desired folder then go to File>import Flash Builder Project>choose the zip file as your file


                Within the project explorer, this file can be found within the mxml folder (go to src>default package>mxml>file seen without a file extension with a green circle beside it e.g. "ex1_02_starter").

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                  Flex in a Week, FiaW Level 1

                  It seems there has been some confusion between switching workspaces and importing a Flex project. The Flex in a Week training series is broken up into 5 days of training. Each day contains a series of exercises. The student files for the course come in two different forms--project archives for each day, which are workspaces for each day of training, and individual starter and solution files for each exercise. The day archive contains all of the student files for the day, including all of the starter and solution projects. Each individual starter and solution file zip contains a Flex project, or FXP file. Note, the day archives do not contain any FXP files.


                  You can download each day's project archive from the Flex in a  Week homepage (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining.html) under each day's heading. And you can find the individual student files at the top each exercise page in the "Exercise files" section.


                  Steps to switching workspaces in Flash Builder:

                  1) Download the day's project archive file. Each project zip is named FiaW_DayX_ProjectArchive.zip.

                  2) Extract the contents of the zip file to a location on your computer.

                  3) In Flash Builder, select File > Switch Workspace > Other.

                  4) Browse to the location of the extracted project archive directory and open the directory. Flash Builder will close and re-open and you should not see any projects in the workspace.

                  5) Select File > Import....

                  6) In the Import dialog, select General > Existing Projects into Workspace.

                  7) In the Import Project dialog, choose Select archive file and browse to the Fiaw_DayX_ProjectArchive/Day1.zip file.

                  8) Click Open and then Finish. You should see all of the projects added to the Package Explorer.


                  Steps to importing Flex projects in Flash Builder:

                  1) Download the exercise student files (ex#_##_starter.zip or ex#_##_solution.zip).

                  2) Extract the contents of the zip file to a location on your computer.

                  3) In Flash Builder, select File > Import Flex Project (FXP).

                  4) Browse to the location of the FXP file you extracted to your computer and click Finish. You should see the project appear in the Package Explorer view.


                  For more details on how to set up your project files, visit the http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/exercises/ex1_01.html