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    Cannot return focus - panels become useless (together with Configurator)

    Anastasiy Safari Level 1



      "Cannot return back focus to host program" - that bug makes panels very hard to use especially with tablets. It almost kills the workflow of graphic designers and digital painters using Configurator - and other types of panels. Most of them can't complain - they just don't understand what's going on.


      When you use (any) flash extension panel and then try to use Photoshop (or even InDesign) shortcuts - you just can't!


      Please, fix this bug, it's really a major one!

      CSXSInterface.getInstance().requestStateChange(StateChangeEvent.WINDOW _LOSE_FOCUS,null) does not return focus to the program.


      It's true at least for Photoshop and InDesign. And there's no workaround.

      I placed this bug into an oficial bugreport form and we together with Harbs posted about this many times on this forum.


      Thank you,