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    Turn-key contribute/subversion


      Hi all, I'm trying to set up contribute and subversion and having a heck of a time.  I'll start with my goal: 1. have non savvy computer users to update portions of our website.  2. have accountability (aka restore ability). 3. have workflow, i.e. promote to qa, then to prod.


      Is contribute the correct s/w here?  I have contribute and subversion talking together, but so far, contribute only checks files out, but never checks them back in.  Is this an admin issue?  Is it possible for contribute to work in a 3-tiered environment such as dev, qa, and prod?  We've even gotten AD working (nice btw), but the whole promotion aspect from our non tech savvvy users confounds me.  help!




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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3

          Hi Steve,


               Can you give more information about the issue of Contribute checking out files from the subversion server, but not checking back in?


               Also, did you enable Subversion for your website, through Contribute. That is, after creating the website connection, did you administer the website and enabled subversion. If this is so, then when you edit a web page in your web site, then the file is checked out from the subversion server. When you publish the web page, then, Contribute checks the file into the subversion server.

               For more information on subversion support in Contribute, check the following link http://blogs.adobe.com/contribute/2010/05/subversion_in_contribute_cs5.html.


               For Dev, QA and Prod, you can create different roles and assign them permissions accordingly. Check the website administration dialog, where you can create new roles, and define permissions for each role. Then, you can send connection keys for the users, so that they can connect to the website without providing the website connection information.


          Hope this helps. Cheers.