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    Dw CS3 - File type extension (eg. test.html) not showing on Save As?


      I have a client who swears that prior to this week whenever she chose Save As in Dw CS3, the file extension would show after the file name in the dialogue box (eg. File Name: test.html). Now she's saying it is not showing (eg. test). This is causing a problem for them b/c they are forgetting to choose the correct file type (.shtml) or type in the file type extension manually. I checked in Preferences and with Google and could not find a resolution to this. Does anyone have an idea where I could set this up? As I said I already llooked in preferences and the only thing I could find on file type is how to set a default file type for a new document. Thanks!

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          BCDoherty Level 3

          Setting the default file type is about as close as you will get. One would think that someone entrusted with editing webpages would learn quickly enough such a simple thing as correct file naming. Makes one a little nervous.


          If it is only with files with server-side includes, you could set the host to parse all .htm/.html files as if they were .shtml. This obviously adds some overhead to the server processing. If all or the majority of pages have SSIs then the price is acceptable.


          Your host should be able to set this up for you. Or if you are using unix rather than windows host you could use an .htaccess file.


          Not the best of solutions, but it works. Even if training doesn't.