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    How Do I Fix This Runtime Shared Library Preloading Error?

    James M Photography



      I just finished up my site, and this is the only thing holding me back from publishing it. Whenever I "Test" my site, I get this error: " Your content will not stream. Runtime Shared Library (RSL) preloading will require all of your content to download before the first frame will play.


      To prevent this you can change the Runtime Shared Library Library Settings, in the Advanced ActionScript 3.0 Settings dialog which can be raised from the Publish Settings dialog.


      The Runtime Shared Libraries being preloaded are:


      textlayout_1.0.0.595.swz for TLF Text"




      Does anyone know how to correct this error? If you do, could you please walk me through it step-by-step. I am still very new to "Flash Professional (CS5)" & "ActionScript (3.0)"