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    embeded fonts question

    learner_doug Level 1

      Can anyone asnwer the following regarding embedded fonts in a Flex 4 application (component):


      1.  Is the font file the same for Macintosh and Windows-based machines?


      2.  Do embedded fonts look as good as system fonts?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I'm not sure I understand #1.  Data from the font file specified is copied

          into the SWF and used by the player to render fonts on all platforms.  The

          OS is not handed the file to do the font rendering.


          Embedded fonts are the only way to guarantee consistency between platforms

          and machines.  If someone doesn't have the font you want to use, on most

          OS's you will get some approximation of the font.  Embedded font display

          quality is not controlled by font-smoothing options on the user's machine.

          You should see what a non-embedded font looks like when rotated on XP with

          font-smoothing off.