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    DW 8 FTP not obeying FTPextensionMap.txt to decide whether to use ASCII transfer

      Dreamweaver supposedly decides whether to transfer files in binary or ASCII mode by looking at
      D:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\Configuration\FTPExtensionMap.txt
      which has lines like


      For file types not in that file, you can edit the file and add new types, according to this Adobe Knowledge Base article. Notice that this is a Dreamweaver 8 article.

      This feature worked in Dreamweaver 3, was broken in Dreamweaver 4, and was fixed in Dreamweaver 4.01 Update. It seems to be broken again in Dreamweaver 8.

      I added


      and transferred a .fcgi file. It went across in binary:

      > TYPE I
      < 200 Type set to I
      > STOR fcgitest.fcgi
      < 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for fcgitest.fcgi
      < 226 Transfer complete.

      For comparison, a .cgi file will transfer in ASCII:

      > TYPE A
      < 200 Type set to A
      > STOR rateurls.cgi
      < 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for rateurls.cgi
      < 226 Transfer complete.

      None of the obvious stuff (restarting Dreamweaver, clearing its cache, etc.) seems to have any effect. OS is Windows 2000, latest service pack. Dreamweaver is version 8.0.2.

      There are at least three other reports of this bug in various forums, dating back to 2006:



      "FTPextensionsMap not working" by Michael Johnston in newsgroup "macromedia.dreamweaver"

      It's embarrassing that this bug keeps coming back.

      John Nagle