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    What's the best approach for Scrollers?

    alzamabar Level 1

      Hi, the video says that the <Scroller> element should be declared with height and width (suggested best practice). However the exercise suggests we define width and height on the <Group id="myGroup" width="300" height="300"> and then use <Scroller viewport="{myGroup}" />. Which is the best way? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the two methods?





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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          Can you please post a link to the exercise that suggests doing that?


          It's probably not recommended, but I would have to see what they are doing.


          There are two ways to size a Scroller...


          1. Set a size on it and not on the viewport:


          <s:Scroller id="scroller" width="100" height="100">
              <s:Group id="viewport">


          2. Set a size on the viewport and not on the Scroller:


          <s:Scroller id="scroller">
              <s:Group id="viewport" width="100" height="100">


          But never set a size on BOTH the scroller and the viewport.  This could cause the Scroller and viewport to fight over what sizes they are supposed to be and can cause unexpected behavior.


          I always recommend #1.  The main reason to use #2 would be if you want the viewport itself to be a specific size and have the Scroller wrap scrollbars around that (so the Scroller might be roughly 120x120 if scrollbars show up).