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    Using PrintDataGrid with mx:List

    shawnyale Level 1
      I have a list of items that are being rendered using an itemRenderer. I followed the steps to set up the PrintDataGrid but am confused as to what I need to use as my dataField on the printDataGrid DataGridColumn property.

      My code looks like this:
      <mx:List id="lstMeetings" dataProvider="{CommunityModelLocator.getInstance().meetingList}" itemRenderer="view.meeting.MeetingListItem" />

      ---Print Component---
      <mx:PrintDataGrid id="PrintMeetings">
      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="meeting"/>

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      I'm only about 1 week into my Flex training so if possible, explain it for a total newbie.

      Thank you SO much!