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    Custom Component


      Hi all,

      I have just designed my website, but I must let you know that this is the first time I have ever designed a website, So please bare with me if i do sound foolish.

      Now to come to the point, I have designed my website with 5 main states/pages, but the 5th one is a custom component, now going down one layer, I have created 19 states/pages to that custom component, the 19th state/page I have made into a custom component, so in effect I now have 4 states/pages, and 2 custom components, all the transitions from the 4 states/pages work well, so do all the buttons on the 1st layer of the custom component and all the states/pages, now the 2nd layer that is a different story, the home, contact us ect, buttons work to bring you back to their respective states/pages, but the back button on the 2nd layer custom component or any other of the 19 states/page if clicked is supposed to bring you back to the custom component on 1st layer, which is where all the title for my poems are, but to my surprise there is no interaction to take you back to the 1st layer of the custom component.

      I have spend a lot of time and effort trying to build this site, and I am not ready to give up, if anyone out there has had this problem and found a solution to this problem, please help me.

      drawing copy.jpg