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    5.0.2 and error loading presets

    Sam Khoury


        over the weekend i built a new system (i7 980x, 12gb DDR3, Vertex LE as a boot drive running W7 Pro 64bits) and installed Adobe CS5 Production Premium and updated it using the Adobe updater. everything seemed to be working fine  and the isntaller log is clean (no errors). premiere reports 5.0.2


      i then installed my Matrox mxo2 mini... drivers installed without any errors


      starting Premiere, the matrox sequence presets are there, however when i select any one, i get the error

      A required plug-in(s) for this preset is not currently installed. Please re-install the missing plug-in(s) and try again or choose another preset.

      yet, when i look at the Plugin Loading log file, no errors anywhere including all the matrox plugins. here is one example

      Loading C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5\Plug-ins\Common\Matrox Video\mveImporter.prm
      The registry tells us not to cache so the plugin will be loaded from disk.
      Loading from disk...
      This plugin was recognized by loader ba1058cd-0007-44e4-bf1a-0ef51307b979.


      i have checked all the threads that reported problems with presets and I don't believe there are similarities except in the fact that i too am running 5.0.2. Premiere runs fine otherwise, exports are OK (including MPEG), even matrox effects and encoding using Matrox presets work !


      i have also uninstalled and reinstalled the matrox utilities but no luck... same error


      i have posted this on the matrox forum but seeing that many Premiere Pros and Adobe employee frequent this forum, maybe someone can see something obvious or what the error points to