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    Can I install latest version of Reader "along side" Acrobat 5.0?




      For some reason, my Adobe Reader 5.0 won't load. 
      It was originally installed w/ Acrobat 5.0.


      If I upgrade to the latest Reader version,
      would Acrobat 5.0 still work properly?  (A tech. support rep.
      -- from a 3rd party software company -- told me if I did so,
      Acrobat 5.0 would have to be uninstalled -- but he may not
      know what he's talking about.)


      -my computer runs Win XP

      -I tried "system restore" -- but for some reason, it gave me
      the same error message.  And when I tried to restore it back
      to today's restore point, it would give me a message stating that
      it could not do so. (???)


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance for your time/