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    Adaptec 51245 PCIe SAS RAID Controller

    Martin Douglas Level 2



      I am looking at running 8x WD RE4 2tb drives Raid 5 or 6  inside a Lian Li PC-A77F Case with an external HP1840 LTO4 tape drive

      Would the Adaptec 51245 be the ideal controller for this as the other brands don't seem to support tape?


      Or would it be better having two different cards eg Intel RS2BL080 for the raid and LSI SAS3801E for the Tape Drive.


      Motherboard at this stage will be a ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme which will also have to provide slots for a capture card and possibly

      a Panasonic PCD35 5 card reader


      Any other suggestions welcome


      Many Thanks