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    Dropped Frames w/ Ae Dynamic Link Comps Using BMD (on Playback)

    JayFriesen Level 1

      Hey guys,


      This problem started exibiting itself a couple weeks ago. Hoping for some feedback regarding possible problems other than just bad performance with my BMD Hardware.


      The following is the system it's occuring on:

      2009 2.93Ghz/16GB 8-Core MacPro

      Adobe CS5 - Latest Updates

      Internal Raid 0 - Footage Files

      Internal 7200RPM - Project Files

      Internal 7200RPM - OS

      (all drives at 50% or more current capacity)

      Stock GT120GFX


      Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3D to HDLinkPro

      2 Monitors (1 to each GFX card)

      1 Plasma monitor out of the Decklink


      Now that's out of the way, here's the scenario:


      Using Blackmagic Design sequence presets in Premiere and Dyanamic Linking AE comps in the Premiere sequence . Playing back the sequence results in CS5 stopping playback because "Dropped Frames Detected"


      This ONLY occurs in the following situations:

      - with any BMD preset

      - only unrendered (yellow) timeline comps


      Rendering the timeline (sot it's green) results in uninterrupted playback

      The comps have no problems in AE

      Premiere exhibits no playback issues outside of BMD presets

      Premiere exhibits no playback issues with other footage


      All fingers point to something internal when in a BMD preset. But could a drive be failing? Something else?