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    Acrobat Reader Pro 8.2.4  cannot be launched

    fox_Nick Level 1



      Please redirect me to the apprpriate place if there were disussions an solution(s) cione posted


      System: XP Pro, SP3;

      Adobe CS3 Suite ; Reader pro 8.2.4 (as a part of a Suite)


      After that latest auto-updated to 8.2.4 the Acrobat Reader was screwd up

      All other components of the Suite are working fine


      There are a lot of noise about the similar issue in Mac forum(s)

      The thing cannot be repared here the same way as it is reported for Mac

      Neither repair nor reinstallation works on XP Pro as well


      Are you going to relies a patch in order to fix your bug ?

      I've seen that the special <>.dmg patch for Mac was released, but I cannot find anythihg regarding XP


      Thank you  in advance