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    Custom Trigger After Insert


      After a insert into table 1, i want to take a value from that transaction and use it in a custom trigger to instert into another datbase the 2 values. One is the primary key value of the transaction of table 1 and the other is a session variable of the logged in user. I can get the value of the session user, but i cant get the value of the transaction field.


      $updateRequestDate = "INSERT INTO request_notify (id_request, username) Values({rsrequest.id_request}, '" . $_SESSION['kt_login_user'] . "')";
      $update_result = $tNG->connection->execute($updateRequestDate);
      if(!$update_result) {
      $updateError = new tNG_error("Error setting the logged in status to N", array(), array());
      return $updateError;
      } else {
      return NULL;


      I have the custom trigger set to go after insert transaction.


      How do you get the value of a transaction field for a custom trigger?