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    Need help synchronizing movie clips and main audio

    tunghoy Level 1
      I have 20 movie clips (symbols in the library) of about 400-800 frames each. None has its own audio. I want to play them in sequence on the main timeline, synched to an audio clip that runs the length of the timeline. The problem is that I can't figure out how to stop the timeline to allow the clips to play w/o interrupting the audio.

      Right now, I have the clips playing in sequence the way I want: Each clip on the timeline has a label and occupies 10 frames, just so I can read the labels. On the last frame of each clip on the main timeline, I have a stop() command on an Actions layer. On the last frame of each MC, I have a command that looks like _root.gotoAndPlay("nextLabelName").

      The problem is the audio on the main timeline only plays for those 10 frames, then halts to let each MC play, which is exactly what I've told it to do. How do I get the main timeline's audio to continue playing and keep it synched to the sequence of MCs? Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way.
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          tunghoy Level 1
          OK, I think I answered my own question. After doing some more research in some newsgroups, I found some useful code. Here's what I did, in case anyone else is having this trouble:

          1) Kept everything as it was, but removed the audio clip from the main timeline.
          2) In the library, I went into the Linkage settings of the audio and gave it an identifier of myAudio.
          3) Created a new MC with only 1 frame, into which I inserted this code:
          snd = new Sound(this);
          4) In the main timeline, I inserted a keyframe where I wanted the audio to start, and dragged the new MC onto the pasteboard, off the stage.

          Now the clips play in sequence, the audio plays the whole way through, and the whole thing is synched. You'd think there would be a more straightforward way of doing this......but you'd be wrong.