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    Any other method to call webservice in vb.net


      Hi All,


         I am developing a conversion project in vb.net from adobe flex. While converting flex code to .net, i am facing a problem at webservices calls into vb.net. This webservice path wont show any input parameters, and no invoke button is visible for me. But in adobe flex code they are giving input, the same way iam also doing in vb.net, but i am not getting any values into my dataset.


      Code in Adobe flex:



      My code is vb.net is:


      dsGetItems =

      New DataSet

      myXMLfile =

      "http://ep5.eprevue.net/eprevuebroyhill/WebServices/EasyOrder/EasyOrderService.asmx/GetItem s.asmx?sessionKey=" + str


      Here in this case my dataset dsGetItem is always empty, if i check with any input parameter


      Is there any other method to call the webservice other than this.


      Would any one help me to write the code in vb.net.


      Thanks! In advance.

      public function get_upholstery_items():void {


      if (model.prevue_session_id.length > 0) {


      "get_upholstery_items", "GetItems");


      var ws : WebService = new mx.rpc.soap.WebService();







      ws.GetItems.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, get_items_result);

      ws.GetItems.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, app_commander.web_service_fault);

      ws.GetItems.arguments.sessionKey = model.prevue_session_id;



      ws.GetItems.resultFormat =

      ws.useProxy =



      ws.makeObjectsBindable =