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    Effective preloading with sound in FLA library

    FlashTapper Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've run into some trouble with making a preloader for my flash file. First I went ahead and made an external preloader that loaded in the swf file - but then all my audio did not play (they are called upon as sound objects). Found this out because the file is loaded into the preloader but not the audio files from the library???


      But if I put the preloader in the actual flash file it's kind of useless as it wants to preload all the audio on the first frame. Now I went ahead and changed it to load on frame 2 or 3 (using the publish settings to set "Export frame for classes") but now the audio will not play at all!


      Are preloaders doomed to fail in AS2 when there is audio files being called within the library as sound objects??

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can do this either way - an internal or external preloader as long as you need no sound on frame 1 of your main swf.  which do you prefer?

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            FlashTapper Level 1

            Hey I did a little research and found the answer I was looking for....so simple!


            BTW: I had preferred an external preloader.


            When i was using the attachSound method, i wasn't passing it to the container clip. Should have programmed:

            var sound1:Sound = new Sound(this);


            Before the parenthises were empty - was a very simple solution.


            And I believe my attempt at the internal preloader failed because all my elements were contained on a master movie clip that was on frame 1 of the _root.


            Yeah, I think I've worked it out now.