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    Audio Scrubbing Analogue & Digital

    G Birkett


      I am about to be a new user of CS5 Production Premium.  New Certified system on order (Z800).  I have been to a demo of CS5 and spent sometime looking around this forum etc. and could not find the answer I wanted.  My question is:


      Duringthe demo audio scrubbing was demonstarted and the the audio was a digital output of sound (resulting jerky audio).  I asked if it was possible to switch the scrubbed sound to analougue for a smooth rendition of the timeline track. The demonstrator did not know if thiswas a feture in CS5.


      Suffice to say for me this restriction would mean a difficult edit as I oftem require to sync classical music with say subtle instument sounds from different sources of the same event sound.  Is it possible to scrubb in analogue type audio out rather than digital.


      I am changing over after a long decision form Liquid (Avid) as MC does not fit the bill for me.  So Adobe CS5 here I come in a few weeks time.  Yes - a new learning curve and perhaps a few more questions here.


      Anyway I Hope some of you wise owls will be able to let me know.  I am based here in Shakespeare Land - Stratford-upon-Avon UK.


      Thanks in Anticipation.



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          shooternz Level 6

          I am not quite sure that I understand what you are asking but...


          If the audio is in your Computer ( edit system) as a media file ...it is Digital.  (It cant be analogue because it has been digitised.)


          Scrubbing the audio in PPRO should not be jerky at all. It should play and scrub absolutely smoothly.


          Tip: Expanding the timeline horizontally so that you get the size of work area that suits you may help.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Craig says, the playback of the Audio should be smooth, provided that one's I/O sub-system (HDD's) is up to the task.


            For syncing to the music, one little tip that might be useful is the * key on the numeric keypad (NumLock ON). When listening, you can tap that key to place a Marker on the Timeline. Some people do this to the beats, and some to other elements in the music. Then, one just edits the Video to those Markers. Also note, if one has missed the beat by a bit, the Marker can still be moved about, as is necessary.


            Craig's suggestion to magnify the Timeline (can be for both horizontal and vertical) will give you a pretty good Waveform Display, so you can then visually adjust the markers to that Waveform.


            Good luck, and enjoy PrPro.



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              But, soft! what light through yonder browser breaks? It is the answer, and JKL Play is the sun.


              (Sorry... had to...)


              Gavin (and Craig),


              You can achieve what you're looking for by holding down the "K" key (pause) and alternatively pressing and holding "J" (reverse) or "L" (forward) to playback audio in a slow, analog, reel-to-reel fashion. Instead of individual time segment samples, you'll a slower and lower pitched audio playback that is continuous, versus the usual "step" playback you get when navigating with the arrow keys. You can also get the analog-style playback using the Shuttle slider in the Source or Program Monitors (found just under the transport controls). Where the JKL Play is limited to one speed, you can achieve variable playback, both slower and faster, using the Shuttle slider. The Jog wheel behaves like the arrow key "frame-by-frame" movement though, so it won't work for what you're after.


              Hope that helps.

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                shooternz Level 6

                Good tip Colin


                Doesnt JKL still  allow multiple speed by extra taps on the respective key.  eg L,L,L varies the speed.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Yes, it does, but to get slower speeds with the analog-style playback, the Shuttle slider is the only way. With JKL play, you only have the one slow playback option.

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                    G Birkett Level 1

                    Thanks Guys.


                    I thought there had to be a way of doing the old reel to reel tape 'rock & roll' scrubbing. I'm now a happy bunny with this tip.  Special thanks to Colin.  Like the Shakspeare-ian ditty too.


                    Just now waiting for the Z800 suite to arrive and then it will be ooh, er what happens if a press this button or that button at least I've been editing for some while now so hopefully a lot will be not such a surprise.


                    Thanks again.