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    Problems with the SMIL-plugin


      I've played around a little bit with the SMIL-plugin and ran in to some problems that might be possible bugs. Hope somebody could shed some light on this.


      1. Adding the attribute clipBegin and/or clipEnd seems to be ignored in the creation of all elements in a dynamic streaming switch. This might even be ignored on a single video element, I haven't tried that out though. I have also tried to add the "s" (seconds) suffix in the time value, but according to the TimeUtil.parseTime comments a suffix such as "s" or "min" is not needed in the time value since seconds is the default value.


      Example code:
              <meta base="rtmp://domain/application" />
              <video src="mp4:ncode/video_7018_430" system-bitrate="430000" clipBegin="50" />
              <video src="mp4:ncode/video_7018_800" system-bitrate="800000" clipBegin="50" />
              <video src="mp4:ncode/video_7018_1200" system-bitrate="1200000" clipBegin="50" />
              <video src="mp4:ncode/video_7018_1800" system-bitrate="1800000" clipBegin="50" />
              <video src="mp4:ncode/video_7018_2400" system-bitrate="2400000" clipBegin="50" />


      2. Just adding a video element without a swith throws an error:
      ERROR : error ID=1009 detail=Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.


      Thanks in advance!