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    How to access the element of one mxml to another mxml?




      I have a component named storylist as below in StoryList.mxml


      <mx:List id="storyList" width="100%" dataProvider="{this.currentDoc.stories}" height="100%" variableRowHeight="true" selectable="false" borderStyle="none"




      I want to access the storylist in another mxml CoreCanvas.mxml



      private function onOpenFile (doc:IdmlDocument):void {


      this.editor.currentDoc = doc;

      this.editor.storyList.dataProvider = this.editor.currentDoc.stories;






      but when  i declared as a bindable variable in StoryList.mxml --> [Bindable] public varstoryList:IdmlStory = null;


      it gives an error


      Description Resource Path Location Type

      1151: A conflict exists with definition storyList in namespace internal. StoryList.mxml/WebEditorCore/src/com/xxx/yyy/core/views/editor line 10 Flex Problem


      how can i access storylist in the other mxml file?


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