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    Image text flow - setting runaround




      I am quite new to Flex Development......


      I am wondering if the following is possible, or, whether there is some type of work-around to make this heppen:


      I would like flow text around an image.  But with a certain amount control in regards to how the text flows.  For example, if I have a 200px x 100px image, I would like to flow the text around the image such that it flows as 100px x 50px (the text covers some of the image).  Or other permutations perhaps.  Even more ambitously, I would like to flow text around non-rectangular shaps such as a triangle or circle....this is possible using DTP programs such as InDesign or Quark; can a similar effect be achived using the <s:RichEditableText> component using the new TLF framework...?