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    Mouse Coordinates and Timer Resolution

      First - I am not a Flash or ActionScript programmer. I have been asked by someone if I could port my ActiveX code (private) to the Flash client. In researching all of the Flash, Flex and ActionScript documentation, it appears that almost everything I need is present... Almost....

      A. My program relies on Mouse Coordinates being fed to it in twips. The only possible references I get to this issue have come from searching this forum.

      - Is it true that the X and Y coordinates are returned to ActionScript as floating point values that represent fractional pixel values that I can translate to twips?

      B. My program also relies on good timer resolution. The Windows GetTicks() API is not sufficient, because it is returned via the Windows message queue and can be off enormously at a MouseMove event. Therefore, in my ActiveX code, I call the QueryPerformanceCounter(), which gives me the resolution I need.

      - Can anyone tell me what timer API the Flash client engine is using for the values it returns?

      Thank you,