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    Webengines: How to use cropMode

    Nathanaël Semhoun Level 1



      For my webengine, i need to crop the thumbnail. In sdk i seen cropMode (p. 135) but i don't know how to use it.

      I try to put it in galleryInfo.lrweb like, it's not work:

      ["photoSizes.thumb.cropMode"] = "minimum",


      Thanks for your help

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          UfgPr Level 1

          "minimum" should handle the given width and height as max values meaning they are somehow a box into which the output file should fit. So since aspect ratio is maintained either you don't use the height fully or the width. For a fixed height I use to set width to 9999.

          With "maximum" the output file will be at least width x height. So the the width x height box fits into the output box.

          Hope that's somehow comprehensible.

          That's at least what the docs say. I had strange results sometimes behaving like maximum when setting minimum, but that might have been side effects of other errors. When setting nothing it seems to use minimum.