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    Problem with Acrobat Reader Browser Control (LoadFile)




      I am trying to use the Acrobat Reader Browser ActiveX Control to show a PDF file in a window from my application but I am finding a problem. It all works fine, unless I have the exact same PDF file open in Acrobat Reader at the same time. If I have the exact same PDF file open, the Browser Control appears to completely fail when I tell it to LoadFile. No errors are raised, but the control simply appears as a white rectangle with no controls at all. In fact, it is the same appearance that it has if you don't call LoadFile at all.


      I have Reader 9.3.4, I am using VB6, I have drawn an instance of the control at design time. I am only calling LoadFile, like this


      Private Sub Form_Load()

          AcroPDF1.LoadFile "c:\mypdf.pdf"

      End Sub


      I have read the OLE parts of the interapplication developer guide and the interapplication communication api reference and I can't see that I am doing anything wrong.


      Can anyone help? Is this perhaps a known problem in Reader?


      Thanks in advance