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    Brower problem after GPO installation


      After installing Adobe reader 9.3.0 via group policy users are getting a very annoying error in Internet Explorer telling them that their version of Adobe Reader is not the right one to open the pdf file and they should download version 8 or 9.

      I also tracked down the problem to the missing registry key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Adobe\Acrobat\Exe". The default value of this key should be pointing to the installation directory.

      To be extra sure i checked the transform with the customization wizard and as value it has "[AS_HKCR_EXE]" so i'm at a loss why it doesn't appear on clients.


      Besides the problem of the browser, everything in the transform works, EULA preaccepted and other stuff i set up.

      I used GPO so that i don't have to walk by all 80 computers, but due to this problem i still have to visit every computer to repair this registry key.