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    Blu Ray - Super 8 Movies?

      I have a large collection of Super 8 movies. In order to save disk space, I would like to burn to Blu Ray discs.
      Will there be any issues because it is not widescreen or HD?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, whether or not the HD depends on how you telecine them (ie, convert them to video). If you shoot (or, better, have a professional service company) shoot the film) on HD, it will be HD. Although it IS only Super 8, which is pretty low-end film and probably won't look all that clean regardless.


          If you can find a company online that will convert it to hi-def HDV, that would be best (if you plan to do any editing). Otherwise, there are lots of companies online that will convert your film directly to DVD or BluRay.


          There are ways to do the telecine yourself -- but you may run into flickering issues and other challenges. You'll be much better off having the pros do it for you. It's not terribly expensive.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve on having the telecine work done by a professional service, and have the transfer done to miniDV tape.


            I am not sure about doing a BD from PrE, but HERE are the BD formats that are supported by Adobe Encore. You can see that standard SD is supported. You might have to look to another program to author your BD, but I am sure that one would not be too difficult to find. Steve knows Sony's DVD Architect well, so can probably tell you if it has that flexibility. You could then edit your SD Project in PrE, and just do the authoring in another program.


            Good luck,



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              Steven-K Level 1
              The following should have been added to my original post:
              The Super 8 movies were transferred by professional equipment - Rank Turbo Telecine with DaVinci Color Corrector and WetSystem telecine process. It was transferred to 16 MiniDV tapes by the company. I transferred to my hard drive in an AVI format.
              I am trying to save disc space, and hopefully obtain better quality with Blu Ray.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Well, you won't get better quality, even if you save it to a BluRay disc. You can't get more out that you put in. MiniDV tape is standard TV resolution. You can't up that.


                So it's up to you if you want to burn these to DVDs or BluRay discs -- the results will look about the same. But, with BluRay discs costing several times more than DVDs I know which way I'd go.


                You'd be better off investing in a DVD player with HDMI upconversion. These players do a remarkable job of simulating BluRay quality from plain old DVD sources. On a good hi-def TV, they make even standard def video look terrific! (And they can be had for around $50!)

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Sounds like you have a good telecine job. That is a perfect start.


                  As Steve G. says, up-converting DVD players do a great job, as they have a dedicated chip(s) to do just that job. The results will still not be full HD, but the quality amazes me.


                  One other possible option is Red Giant's Magic Bullet Instant HD. What I do not know is how that Effect might/might not work with PrE. I know that it works well in PrPro, but there are enough differences between PrE and PrPro, that I could never make a blanket statement. Still, you might want to explore that Effect, as it's results are quite good.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steven-K Level 1

                    Steve and Bill,


                    Great suggestions!





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                      HDV is not full HD.


                      If you want best quality from your Super 8 films, you need to have them professionally scanned and output to Quicktime HD or AVCHD or something similar at 1920 x 1080 P specs. Even Super 8 film will provide twice the resolution as standard definition if shot well in adequate light.


                      Someone like DVD Infinity in Australia www.dvdinfinity.com.au  or Pro8mm in London or New York www.pro8mm.com both do excellent work in both HD and SD from Super 8.


                      Have them output to a HDD and you can then work with it in Adobe Premiere and Elements. If you prefer they can also output to Blu-ray.