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    Draft CS5 system

    lmcwilli Level 1

      My wife is the CS5 Design Premium geek. I'm the hardware geek. I'm trying to put together a system for her to replace her 5-year-old "slow boat".


      Here's what I've arrived at so far (nothing purchased yet):



      Comments on this forum were of great help.Thanks.


      Most component selections were pretty straightforward. Choice of GPU (and the case) took the most time. GPU candidates were the GTX 480 and Quadro 4000. I settled on the Quadro for the following reasons: 10-bit color support, power consumption, slots required, confidence in driver maintenance re color management. My wife is fanatical about color profiling and color management for printers and monitors. Therefore, I decided to go with a graphics-editor card rather than the less expensive (though more performant) gamer card.


      Comments welcome :-)