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    Closed Caption (CC) in Captivate 4

    Noel_Griffiths Level 1

      I am unable to work out how to get CC to work and cannt find any "useful" help within Captivate.


      1. I have created a slide with audio

      2. In the notes section of the slide I have ticked CC option to the left of the 4 lines of notes that make up my audio and when I open the closed caption option I get following:



      I understand I have to mark each of the audio segments to match their row number, but when I drag marker no1 (extreme left) to start the process, it turns to #4 and I end up with a total mess, CC appearing on the slide in wrong order....and sometimes they dont appear at all.


      How should I mark up the audio to ensure the CC apppears on the slide in the right order ?


      Sorry to be stupid here (again)...



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          AshwinBharghavB Level 3

          Hi Noel,


          I can see that you are trying to arrange the first Closed Caption(CC) marker and thats getting changed to 4. I would like to clarify you the workflow here


          1. The markers shown in CC dialog are arranged on a time axis in the ascending order of their start time.The serial numbers indicate the order in which the CC comes in published output.

          2. So when you pull the left most marker and move it right the start time of the CC has changed (while the start time of other 3 markers are not changed), this changes the sequence and hence the numbering 1 gets changed to 4.


          To maintain the same sequence, you can start arranging the markers from the right most marker(instead of the left most one), this will retain the same sequence.


          If the above workflow sounds confusing for you a better way to add Closed caption is

          1. Add audio to the slide

          2. Launch closed captions dialog ( Control + Alt + C) and play the audio

          3. While the audio is playing click on the "+" button to add closed captions at the current playhead position.


          This way you can add CC and arrange the CC markers at the same time.


          Try them out and let us know if this helped.



          Ashwin Bharghav B

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            Noel_Griffiths Level 1

            Ashwin..Thanks for your reply but still unable to get CC to work correctly.

            Image 1 below is taken from my intro slide where I have selected the 4 lines of audio I want for CC

            Image 2 is the CC dialog window.

            First thing I note is the times of Row 1 actual time of audio is just under 10 secs, but the dialog panel states row 1 time as 20 secs.

            I have tried many ways to get the CC to apppear in the right order on the slide, but end up with the audio rows changing order and not appearing as it should.

            I would expect to simply run the audio and "click" the start and end sections on the audio clip that match the spoken words to create the CC and the order of my clicking matches the order the CC appears on the slide.


            Clearly I am doing something very wrong... hope you can assist ??




            cc 1.png

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              AshwinBharghavB Level 3



              On converting Slide notes to closed captions in Slide notes panel will arrange the Closed captions at default timing of 0.2 seconds. Hence the timing you see 00:00:00:20 means 20 milli seconds and not 20 seconds. So you need to manually arrange these closed captions for noticeable durations by dragging the CC markers.


              Please see the demo in this location. This might help you https://acrobat.com/#d=X-6Y*9tYGsX1NLaWl*-alQ


              -Ashwin Bharghav B

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                Noel_Griffiths Level 1

                Thanks for clarification on the times..milli seconds not seconds.

                Unable to open the information behind the link you sent me.

                Think I will just give up trying to work with CC.





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                  AshwinBharghavB Level 3

                  The link works for me. Please click on the link, download the swf and then play the swf in a browser


                  -Ashwin Bharghav B

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                    Noel_Griffiths Level 1

                    Got it...thanks.