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    Function on TextInput with a TAB

    z.cristiano Level 1



      what is the function on EVENTS when I write on TextInput and use TAB this function can start do read on file PHP?

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          l33tian Level 1

          Are you trying to create an autocomplete feature?

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            Are you saying that when a user types text in a TextInput and then presses tab key you want a PHP file called?


            In that case use a focusOut event handler for the TextInput. In the handler function, ensure the TextInput is not empty, or otherwise has valid contents, and if so, call the send() method of an HTTPService calling the PHP file.


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              z.cristiano Level 1

              Thank you..

              But a small difficult...


              On Flex, I have write:




              protected function username_focusOutHandler(event:FocusEvent):void








              <mx:Label x="10" y="10" text="Nome" id="label1"/>

              <mx:Label x="104" y="10" text="{verificautente_check.text}" id="verificautente_check"/>

              <mx:TextInput x="10" y="36" id="username"  focusOut="username_focusOutHandler(event)"/>


              <mx:HTTPService id="verifica" method="POST" url="controll.php" useProxy="false">

              <mx:request xmlns="">








              On PHP, I have write:








              During RUN, I use TAB and does not work. What I have mistaken?


              Thank you very much