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    Code your interactions - Problems with Examples


      A question regarding step 6, it says to change the getEmployeesResult.token which is supposed to be the last result responder tied to the data grid, but I do not have any reference to this object and the only object associated with tha data grid is the getAllEmployeesResult.token which does not accept a search parameter. The change generate an error:
      1120 Access of undefined property getEmployeesResult TestDrive.mxml/TestDrive/src    line 47    Flex Problem


      I tried useing the getEmployeeByName.token but this also generated an error I did check the forums butI did not see anything that would that would help.
      Any suggestions?

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          Jun yuan

          the dataGrid dataProvider is binded to getEmployee.lastResult, which gets the array from getEmployeeResult.token,


          In order to bind your new result to the datagrid, getEmployeeResult.token= whatever service you want to assign to dataGrid.


          This is somehow the most impt takeaway about this tutorial, i spent like 1 mth trying to figure this out.