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    Accessing images on a second hard drive


      I hope I posted this in the right place...

      I work for a company that uses Macromedia Director MX to write software for manipulating images and then outputting the results to Photoshop. Recently, we have had a few issues with clients who are unable to access images on additional hard drives through our program. Here's a typical example...

      One client is using a PowerMac G5 with two internal hard drives. One is called Macintosh HD, and this works fine. The second is called Data, and any images on this drive are not recognised when our program tries to read the images before opening them in Photoshop. Here is the information on the drive from Disk Utility:

      Name : Maxtor 7L250S0
      Type : Disk

      Disk Identifier : disk0
      Media Name : Maxtor 7L250S0 Media
      Media Type : Generic
      Connection Bus : Serial ATA
      Connection Type : Internal
      Connection ID : Device 0, "B (lower)"
      Partition Type : Apple_partition_scheme
      Device Tree : sata/k2-sata@1/@0:0
      Bay : "B (lower)"
      Writable : Yes
      Ejectable : No
      Mac OS 9 Drivers Installed : No
      Location : Internal
      Total Capacity : 233.8 GB (251,000,193,024 Bytes)
      S.M.A.R.T. Status : Verified
      Disk Number : 0
      Partition Number : 0

      and the partition itself:

      Name : Data
      Type : Volume

      Disk Identifier : disk0s3
      Mount Point : /Volumes/Data
      File System : Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)
      Connection Bus : ATA
      Partition Type : Apple_HFSX
      Device Tree : sata/k2-sata@1/@0:3
      Writable : Yes
      Universal Unique Identifier : 7FFF48B9-51AC-323C-8C1C-B8A7CAC9F3E6
      Capacity : 233.6 GB (250,865,934,336 Bytes)
      Free Space : 31.7 GB (34,026,221,568 Bytes)
      Used : 201.9 GB (216,839,712,768 Bytes)
      Number of Files : 45,586
      Number of Folders : 2,761
      Owners Enabled : Yes
      Can Turn Owners Off : Yes
      Can Repair Permissions : No
      Can Be Verified : Yes
      Can Be Repaired : Yes
      Can Be Formatted : Yes
      Bootable : Yes
      Supports Journaling : Yes
      Journaled : Yes
      S.M.A.R.T. Status : Verified
      Disk Number : 0
      Partition Number : 3

      According to the client, there is no RAID setup of any kind on this drive. If it's related to Photoshop scripting rather than Macromedia Director, is it possible to move this topic?

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          You might have to post some of the code dealing with loading and/or
          saving the images into/from your Director application.
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            Please provide more info about the problem. What errors occur? Do these
            images open in other (non-Photoshop) programs, like Preview? If someone
            creates the same image on their working hard drive, then copies it to
            the bad drive in Finder does it still not open?

            It looks like the file system is set to Case sensitive. Could there be
            a case issue?
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              The images open fine in any other program (including opening them in Photoshop normally) - the problem is when our program opens Photoshop and then attempts to open the images concerned. There are no error messages given by Director or Photoshop, according to the client.

              With regard to the code, I know that the program uses AppleScript and JavaScript as part of the procedure. The program also uses the DirectImage Xtra as part of the procedure. Here's an example of where the program is looking for the images:


              There don't appear to be any unreadable characters in this; we have previously had issues with drives/folders with special characters (e.g. letters with an umlaut) in the name.
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                based on the info you have provided, I am going to go out on a limb and
                say that it sounds like a path problem. Since the files that are
                exported can be opened manually, it sounds like the files are being
                saved correctly (so the DirectImage part is working).

                I would look to make absolutely sure that the applescript part of it is
                working properly. Make sure that the script is using the correct
                pathnames, and make sure that all the capitalizations are correct.

                Try running just the applescript which, I assume is meant to open the
                files in Photoshop. If the script is not more complex than that, you can
                use an xtra in Director like BuddyAPI or DirectOS to open the file in
                Photoshop and perhaps that would work better.