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    Does Premier Pro CS5 have Pan & Zoom for VIDEO ?

    JD Wilson Jr

      Have been looking for a straight answer on this and all I find is a bunch of stuff about still image effects in Premiere Pro using key frames.


      Just dropped a lot of coin on Master Collection CS5 and trapped for a time in Premier Pro CS4 because I now have to buy a new 64Bit platform; No matter because I'm really impressed with what Adobe is doing across the board. Lord knows I could be missing something right in front of me.


      The question here is will I find a standard pan and zoom capability - FOR VIDEO NOT IMAGES - in Premiere Pro CS5 when I finally spend ALL of my disposable income or should I just stick with my $100 Sony Vegas NLE on my 32Bit platform ;-)


      On a related note, how can you have a VIDEO editor of consequence without pan and zoom ? Am I the only one who find this curious ? Is this issue like the crazy aunt in the attic that no-one wants to talk about ?