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    Flex desktop application to Flash client-server

    Wico van den Berg



      I developed a flex application as a desktop  application that runs on Adobe AIR. The application connects to a  (local) MySQLite database and I have implemented an entity manager to  use ORM.

      For a future release of the application I would like:

      1. (required) The application to run as Flash in the browser and connect to a webserver/databaserver

      2. (optional) The application to run on the desktop and connect to AIR (local) or to a webserver/databaserver


      I could use some advice on how to approach this. I'm thinking of using PHP and MySQL as a backend. I've watched some podcasts on creating php files with or without the use of Zend and also on the use of AMFPHP and RemoteObjects.


      Do I split up the application from here and go on with two different versions? One flex (desktop) and one flash (browser-server) or is it possible to create some kind of abstraction layer (with RemoteObject)?


      Any advice on how to approach this would be very appreciated.


      Regards, Wico