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    Flex 2 advantage over Flash


      Can I ask for examples of stuff that can be done in Flex 2 that can't be done in Flash?

      Or if there are none, what about things that are a lot easier to do in Flex 2 rather than Flash?

      (If it helps, I'm evaluating the use of Flex and I've seen the MXML and ActionScript sample codes and pretty much understand most of it. But I don't know squat about using the Flash authoring tool.)


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          Benjamin Houdu
          All Flex components can not be used directly in Flash (maybe now in CS3? Haven't tested it yet), that is a big point. Flex enables us to build advanced architectures with object oriented programmation, this is needed for complex applications (different external calls, Java Backend...). You can also use a MVC framework with Flex such as PureMVC or Cairngorm.
          The databinding in MXML is a great feature and designing views with lots of data is quite easy (from different sources, with different formats etc...).
          Of course you can do a lot of things with Flash and AS3 but for designing big apps (I mean : not only animations with a few scripts), Flex is way better (and open source).
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            HungryRoy Level 1
            Thanks a lot for your reply, but I guess I need to phrase my question better.

            Just reading a small amount of stuff on Flex makes it obvious that it's better for developers than Flash, but my question is whether there are features that we can only implement using Flex but not using Flash? i.e. features that matter to the end-user, the person using the Flash application.

            i.e. I'm a developer who uses Flex, and there's this other guy who uses Flash, we both try to win a contract with a client, what can I show the client and say, "The other guy can't do this!"