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    Datagrid display scrolling bug?




      I'm developing an AIR application using the 4.1 SDK and have come across inconsistent display behavior from a datagrid when scrolling.


      My datagrid has three fixed columns created in MXML with the DataGridColumn tag.  When the datagrid fires a creationComplete event, I then dynamically add additional columns to it, setting the column item renderer to an MXML component.  This is all rather straightforward and when I start the application, everything looks just fine.  However, once I scroll the datagrid, either vertically or horizontally, the values from the dynamically created columns change or empty cells are displayed in their place.  They change every time I scroll.  The fixed columns don't exhibit this behavior.


      Has anyone encountered this issue?  Is this a Flex bug and is there a workaround?


      Your help is appreciated.