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    Change a batch of data in a PDF???


      I have just posted this question in a different section of these forums and someone suggested me to post it in this scripting section.  First of all I have never done any scripting (at least when it comes to a PDF's) SO I would need great detail if there is even a solution, but here is my problem...


      I have a problem I don’t exactly know how to fix.  I have a stack of forms (300+ pages) with the wrong prices on them.  I do not have the original copies, or data files the forms were created from, just the hard copies in front of me.  All of the pages/forms are the same format, but just have different data on each.  If I were to scan all pages into a PDF file, rather inclusive or separately, then OCR them, I am looking for suggestions on how to go about changing the prices on each form. 

      Obviously I can go through each one, one by one, and change the price and totals to what they should be using Acrobat’s touch-up text tool, but is there any way to “mail merge” the correct data into those scanned PDF’s.  By mail merge I mean that I have a spreadsheet with a date and what the price should be for that date that I can use to update the PDF, but the only reference to the correct price would be that “date” field. 

      Any suggestions, or am I just in for a LOT of manual work?