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    file upload & firefox Mac problem

      I've posted questions regarding this before, check countless forums and threads, and still have no answer to this problem.

      if anyone has figured this out please let me know.

      I have a file upload via flash. It is a very simple example, that just allows an user to put a file into a folder on a server.
      It works well on my local machine, on a server A, but fails on server B (my client's server) when I use any mac browser (FF, Opera & safari). Surprisingly it works well on any windows browsers.

      The error I get via mac computers is: Error #2038: File I/O Error. URL: php_upload_script_url.php

      Why is this happening? why doesn't it work on mac browsers and in some specific servers?

      The many other threads about this are still lacking the input from adobe's engineers. This is indeed very frustrating. Please help!!

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          ticktak Level 1
          A colleague having the same issue just emailed me this:


          "Any http errors such as 403, 406 or where a file upload goes to a
          100% but doesn't show up on the server is a result of the
          mod_security. Mod_sercurity blocks the post request of flash because
          it is missing a ":". To correct this problem create or find
          the .htaccess file in your root directory then type in:

          SecFilterEngine Off
          SecFilterScanPOST Off

          that should correct your problem"

          I am on a shared server, so my hosting company doesn't let me implement this solution. I hope it can work for some of you out there. But i still cannot understand how this issue has been going on for so long without solution. Indeed frustrating.