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    Compiling a CSS into SWF without merged SDK and dynamically loading

    Dominic Thwaites

      I have a flex application that is built with the SDK merged in (for my own good reasons). This application dynamically loads a style SWF that was built without the SDK merged. Unfortunately, it seems that the loaded SWF fails to resolve its references with the SDK and gives me a 1014 run-time error.


      If I merge the SDK into the CSS SWF then it works. If I set both my application and the CSS SWF to use the SDK as an RSL then it works. In short the matrix is:


      CSS SWF, SDK merged?Application, SDK merged?Works?



      I do not want a big CSS SWF to dynamically load with all the SDK in it when I already have the SDK loaded with my application. Any help much appreciated.